Alan Reger & Reger Research

Alan Reger has been an opposition researcher for Democratic candidates, political parties, caucuses, and interest groups since 1994.  In 1997 he started Reger Research, where he has continued to provide expert research to political candidates, party committees, caucuses, and interest groups, while expanding his services to include non-profits and corporate clients.

Reger Research uses the most advanced databases and information gathering techniques to provide the most useful, accurate, and detailed research on the political, personal, business, and professional background of individuals and businesses.

Reger Research does public records research using primary and secondary sources to build comprehensive profiles.  Most research firms limit their collection of materials to major databases, but Reger Research uses a multitude of databases and spends a significant amount of time collecting information in places where our targets spend time or have spent time in the past. This allows Reger Research to dig deeper into the background of those we are targeting.

Unlike most research firms, Reger Research works with its clients and other consultants on a daily basis to ensure that the research is used as effectively as possible.

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